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Dr. Sheehy Skeffington writes response to NUI Galway’s gender equality PR document

25 Mar

Michelines Three Conditions

Below is a response from Dr. Sheehy Skeffington to a recent PR spin document sent out by NUI Galway to all staff

A response to NUI Galway’s Gender Equality PR document sent to all staff

Dear Colleague

I apologise for having to write to you but I feel I have no choice as NUI Galway’s recent document on Gender Equality sent to all staff deliberately misinforms concerning the case being taken by the five female lecturers who like me were shortlisted but not promoted to senior lecturer in 2009. The background time line is set out to imply they are only taking a case concerning the 2013/14 round (which is highlighted to emphasis this) while the management know full well that the women’s principal intention is to contest the 2008/9 round where the gender discrimination is at its worst. The five women offered six weeks ago to hold back from…

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