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Notes on last night’s Claire Byrne Live

14 Dec

Cunning Hired Knaves

"Public opinion, c'est moi!"“Public opinion, c’est moi!”

On last night’s show a debate on Europe’s refugee crisis was preceded by a standing ovation from the studio audience for members of the Irish Navy, who stood in line in full uniform.

The panellists for the debate were actor Liam Cunningham, government minister Paul Kehoe, and Irish Independent columnist Ian O’Doherty. I had started watching the programme out of curiosity after seeing tweets objecting to Ian O’Doherty’s presence on the show.

Ian O’Doherty -a dull-minded figure who poses as a Christopher Hitchens-style contrarian but without the allure of the turncoat, the ostentatious learning, or the mental dexterity that Hitchens had on offer – served up a farrago of racist talking points that originate with the far right. It was O’Doherty’s views that were allowed to frame the discussion, and Cunningham, and to a lesser extent Kehoe, were called upon to respond.

Of those who spoke…

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Spread some cheer this Christmas… A personal post

9 Dec


***updated list at midnight Wednesday – thank you for the enormous response, these are the kids who aren’t covered yet but we’re nearly there! If I haven’t replied to you apologies, just try me again as I’m fielding a lot of very generous offers***

2 boys under 6 months
1 girl and 1 boy aged 6-12 months
2 boys and 1 girl aged 1 year
2 girls aged 2 years
1 girl aged 3 years
1 girl aged 4 years
1 girl aged 6
1 girl aged 8
1 boy aged 9
3 boys aged 11
1 girl aged 12
Teenagers, 7 boys 5 girls

Eleven weeks after our little boy joined us, I’m finally able to sit down and write again, prompted by an article I read in the Irish Times last week. After an emotional year – as well as Ferdia’s birth, we’ve moved house, watched my mother go…

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