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Prof. Jeremy Fernando. On walking with my teacher — writing, ink, calamari … , 2015.

14 Apr


Prof. Jeremy Fernando Prof. Jeremy Fernando

In this talk which was delivered at UC Davis on 26 February 2015, Jeremy Fernando attempts to open the relationality between walking and thinking — movement and thought — through the all too familiar situation, scenario, of ‘writer’s block’. Starting with the scene of a walk with his teacher, Avital Ronell, in the forests of Saas Fee, Switzerland, the dossier of the teacher, thepedagogue, as a guide is opened, alongside the question ‘what is it to teach’, ‘what is it to be a teacher’. He also attempts to respond to the problems of a lack of movement in writing, of the point when the proverbial ink stops flowing. To what happens when there is a block. And perhaps even the irony of writing about writer’s block: for, it can only be written about retrospectively, when it is cleared, when…

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NUI Galway to suspend Dr. Sheehy Skeffington’s email as outspoken whistle-blower refuses to be silenced

13 Apr

Michelines Three Conditions

NUI Galway have informed Micheline Sheehy Skeffington that they will be punishing her recent decision to reveal information regarding the university’s gender equality record in an email to all staff by suspending her university email account.

Dr. Sheehy Skeffington says that she only done this in response to a document on gender equality sent to all staff by the university which implied there was nothing wrong with the 08/09 promotions round.

According to Dr. Sheehy Skeffington the information she highlighted is available to any member of staff through the University website . A table in the email listed each of the men and  women shortlisted for promotion in 2008/9 and showed their current promotion status. 23 men were shortlisted in 2008/9, one is now a College Dean, 11are Professors, and all but 2 of the rest are Senior Lecturers. Despite there being more women than men in the position of College Lecturer, only 7 women…

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Irish Universities and enlightenment ideals

9 Apr

Brian M. Lucey

The Fellows of TCD have organised a symposium on the topic of how aligned or otherwise universities are to enlightenment ideals. Also of relevance is how recent and proposed changes in governance and the regulatory environment may hamper or aid this alignment. The symposium is free but registration is required. It takes place this coming Thursday. More details below..

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